Openings Friday, January the 8th and Saturday the 9th!!

There's a group show opening Friday night in Mobile at Space 301 in the Center for the Living Arts. It's called Moving Vehicles, and it's curated by Mia Kaplan.

The artists included are:
Fred Burton, Bruce Davenport, Jr, Christopher Deris, Rachel Jones, Nicole Kenney, Srdjan Loncar, David Nicolas, Stephanie Patton, Walter Pierce, Frank Relle, Ks Rives, David Webber

Also, Saturday the 9th is the opening of Hot Up Here at the ACA in Lafayette!

Hot up Here is curated by Dan Cameron and includes artists:
Brad Benischek, Stephen Collier, Generic Art Solutions, Jessica Goldfinch, Brian Guidry, Scott Guion, Christopher Jahncke, Rachel Jones, Michelle Levine, Gina Phillips, Christopher Saucedo, Karoline Schleh, Maxx Sizeler, Chris Sullivan, David Sullivan, and Monica Zeringue.